Planetary Geodynamics Group (UCM): This research group is focused on the study of heat flow, lithospheric structure and tectonic evolution of the terrestrial planets and the icy moons. The study of the thermal and mechanical structure of the lithosphere of a planetary body provides important information about the behavior, under stress, of the outer and relatively rigid layers of a planet or moon. Also, it provides clues on planetary thermal and dynamical evolution. On the other hand, the study of tectonic deformations recorded on planetary surfaces allows to analyze the internal geodynamic processes and the evolution of those processes during its geological history. Stress fields producing tectonic strains are originated in the internal geodynamic processes, which are caused, in turn, by mechanisms controlling the cooling of the planetary bodies. Although almost all the terrestrial planets and icy moons of the Solar System show evidence of tectonic deformation, the processes controlling the formation of these structures are still the subject of intense scientific debate.